16 April 2014

It's Wednes... oh, you know the drill now! ;)

Oh dear, it's Jijihook's Granny Love Challenge day I haven't done much in terms of Blanket/granny square this week... I was very busy with other things, including tending to parental visit, discovering my new - and first ever - sewing machine, and doing things, ahem... bordering on the illegal - though still crochet-related, more on this very soon.

So, I haven't been as productive Blanket-wise as I should have been, although all first 90 squares have now had all their ends woven in, so I suppose it's not too bad, eh? Shall we have a look at the latest additions?

One complete square and six sunburst circles. Let's say I'm almost at 97, shall we?

All right, close-up time!

And that's it! Not my best performance, in terms of numbers, but I am still loving the new possibilities offered by the three recently added shades :)

Thanks for reading and see you soon! xoxo


  1. Magnifique !! surtout les ronds ! bravo !

  2. They are truly lovely! I love the round ones! What yarn are you using? The colours are great!

    1. Thank you! I am using Stylecraft Special DK :)

  3. waou! tous les fils rentrés sur tes 90 carrés, ça c'est du boulot !!!! et bravo pour cette avancée, j'avance beaucoup moins vite :)

  4. Très lumineux, gais, bravo tu as bien et bcp travaillé ! bises, joëlle

  5. you have done very well this week, even you have been very busy !
    Your yarn is so beautiful and colours so shinny
    i love your rounds modules

  6. c' est très sympa une jolie palette de couleurs a bientôt pour la suite biz